What is a Signage Player?

A digital signage player is a small computer used to show digital content on any public digital display. Any TV you see in a public space is typically powered by a media player, such as hotel lobbies, airport terminals, digital menus, digital directories, or stadiums. 

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Our Digital Menu Boards

With ACE Computer Expert Digital Menu Boards you can increase sales and improve the customer experience with dynamic and engaging messaging.

Increase average order value at the point of sale (POS) by displaying dynamic content to the customer at just the right time.

 Automate content based on dayparts – i.e. “feature breakfast menus in the morning” – to lift average order value, up- and cross-sell.

 Remotely control and instantly update in-restaurant messaging and promotions as well as automatically change your offering by location on anunlimited number of devices and screens in every store in the chain.

Instantly customize in-restaurant messaging with easy to use templates and content creation tools.

Increase customer frequency by using more effective, personalized messaging for promotions and specials.

Reduce personnel costs through the use of interactive kiosks and digital menu boards. Automate and accelerate the ordering process.

Interactive touchscreens can be used during off hours to streamline staff training and menu education.

 Display promotional material combined with entertaining and dynamic content to enhance the impact and recall of your messaging while also delivering a more pleasurable guest experience.


What Types of Digital Menu Boards Are Available?


 Plug & Play/USB Advertising

  • Have an existing LCD monitor and need an HDMI media player to play full-screen presentations? Simply load photos or videos onto a USB drive and plug the storage device into media player to play on screen with the included remote!

Ad Player Mounts

  • Countertop stands, stationary wall mounts, articulating brackets and ceiling hung configurations are the mountable styles offered. Kits include chosen mounting device, LCD display (with plug and play capabilities) and free web-based template software!

 Bundled Kits

  • Freestanding, stationary and portable floor stands encompass a variety of uses! From shorter menu displays to extra tall truss stands, the range of options for usage is incredible! Each option available contains a unique stand, monitor and media player!


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