Smart Device Repair

 Here at Advanced Computer Expert we strive to offer the best smart device repair service around. We understand that accidents happen and we are ready to help you repair any kind of smart device damage.

Our Tablet Repair service include Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG tablets. These are just a few of the brands we offer repair services for. To get a better understanding whether we can repair your specific tablet just give us a call or contact us.

So your device dropped or some unfortunate event occurred and now your smart device screen is shattered into one-hundred pieces, what is your next step? Do you buy a new device or maybe you're thinking that the best option is to call the manufacturer. Well we're here to tell you that we are able to repair your broken glass screen in half the time and half the price of the manufacturer. At ACE Advanced Computer Expert you don't have to go though the hassle of 1-hour long wait on the manufacturer support line just for their representative to inform you to ship your device in which could take up to 7-10 business days(Not including the repair time and the return shipping time). Once you bring your device to ACE Advanced Computer Expert, we are able to tell you what we will be doing to repair your glass screen, the estimated time for your repair, your set price and the best option for you. Why risk shipping your device in when you can just take a few minutes of your day to travel to the friendly neighborhood ACE Advanced Computer Expert?

Phone Unlocking Service at ACE

If you're traveling in or out of the country or you are looking to use a different carrier on your phone you will need our ACE Phone unlocking service. Your phone is set on default carrier lock which means that your phone is unable to accept any other carrier's sim card but your carrier's. In order to use a different sim card from a different carrier you will need to unlock your phone. Once your phone has been unlock you will have the freedom to use any mobile carrier from around the world.

Liquid spills are inevitable, but you can rescue your device from the drain, just bring your smart device to ACE Advanced Computer Expert. 

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